Curb XBRL Dimensions with XBRLAnalyst 4!

XBRLAnalyst 4 is the new generation of XBRLAnalyst that begins curbing the complexity of XBRL dimensions through simple but powerful Excel tools and functions.

If you are looking for information on revenue streams by geographies or product lines, details about derivative instruments or disclosure items on mining reserves, you need some powerful tools to work with XBRL dimensions. That is what XBRLAnalyst 4 brings in Excel.

Some of those tools are available in XBRLAnalyst Standard but the full toolbox is provided in the Corporate version. Note that the Subscription price for XBRLAnalyst Corporate will increase as of March 1, 2015. Those who subscribe before that date will benefit from the current pricing for Life!


XBRL toolbox for Dimensions in XBRLAnalyst 4:

• Use Path syntax “tagname|member” to get any dimensional value with XBRLFact or FinValue; create advanced formulas combining Normalized metrics, LineItems and Dimensions (Excel example)

• View how to get dimensional information with the new wildcard (%) syntax (example) and to roll-up members using notation (|_) in FinValue or XBRLFact (example). Download Excel example for quick start

• Create your custom definitions of Financial metrics in “My Definitions” using lists of dimensional members; roll up the values by adding “+” at the end of definition name

• In Document Viewer, double click any LineItem with Dimensional information and view all dimensional details in simple tree-like form (example)

• In Financial Explorer, switch to XBRL Tags tab and filter all tags by Dimension. You can then double click any tag to open Dimensions Viewer and build an Excel formula to quickly pull the values in Excel (example)

• In Dimensions Viewer, click any Axis to display the Member values on a Pie-chart and export the chart to Excel  (example)

• Use Trace to Report for quickly locating dimensional data in report disclosures/footnotes (example)


Contact our XBRL fanatic support with any questions or requests for online Demo.

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