XBRLAnalyst provides ALL levels of SEC filing data directly in Excel

Simply put, it is a complete integration with Excel:

  • All XBRL data including disclosure details (from Level 1 to Level 4)
  • All HTML notes including the whole HTML report with MD&A and search capabilities
  • Full linking between Financial Statement information and Disclosure data (as represented by XBRL dimensions)
  • Drag&Drop any data from Financial Statements or Disclosures to Excel spreadsheets
  • Trace all the data in Excel back to its location in the report (tracing of Disclosure data is available in Corporate version only)
  • Advanced tools for building customized Financial Definitions
  • Quick visualization of historical trends for any account from any Statement or Disclosure
  • and more…

JUST WATCH THE VIDEO or visit our website at http://findynamics.com/try-xbrlanalyst/




XBRLAnalyst is a subscription based Excel Add-In providing instant access to financial reports (10-K, 10-Q, etc) prepared in XBRL format. Try it FREE now.

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