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Need 10-K, 10-Q Financial Data?

  • As reported fundamental data in Excel for professionals
  • Simply drag&drop from Statement Viewer to Excel
  • Trace any data point from Excel back to statements
  • Built-in functions for financial data and stock prices
XBRLAnalyst delivers financial data to Excel
(Next generation of Excel platform providing ultimate level of financial details using XBRL)

XBRLAnalyst for Analysts

  • Comps Tables, Historical Data, and Stock Screening with Trace to Report function
  • Excel functions for 10-K, 10-Q, market data
  • Financial Explorer to drag&drop data from any Statement or Disclosure in Excel
  • Transparent normalization and tools for user-defined financial ratios/stock lists


FREE XBRL Viewer for Excel

  • Search and View any XBRL report from SEC
  • View trends in financial data of any company directly in Statement Viewer
  • Export any Statement or Footnote in Excel worksheet
  • Load non-SEC XBRL reports in Excel as if they were regular US-GAAP reports from SEC


XBRLAnalyst for Filers and Consultants

  • Load and review draft XBRL filings in Excel
  • Track and review Calculation Relationship errors
  • Search XBRL tags throughout any report directly in Excel
  • Analyze in Excel dimensions from Statements and Disclosures




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Enjoy the convenience of instant access to financial reports (10-K, 10-Q, etc.) and stock market data in Excel with FREE 15 day trial of XBRLAnalyst Standard or Corporate subscription.
(*Academic users qualify for FREE License)

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